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Archive for May, 2018

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Tyngsboro, MA Homeowner – What is the Musty Smell When I Run My Air Conditioner?

A homeowner in Tyngsboro recently called our office concerned about a musty smell coming from his home’s vents when running the central air conditioner. It isn’t uncommon for a smell to come from the ductwork the first time the air conditioner is turned on for the year. However, what this homeowner was describing was well beyond this.

How Do I Prep My Heating System for the Summer, Litchfield, NH Homeowner Asks

It seems like the cold months are finally past, which means that at last your home’s heating unit that has worked hard all winter can take a break. A homeowner in Litchfield recently contacted us inquiring about what he should do for his heating system before it lies dormant through the summer.

Turn Off Your Furnace During the Summer to Save on Heating Costs

After seeing the high heating bills over the coldest New England months, it can be tempting to simply “flip a switch”, taking a break from this during the summer. It may surprise you to know that your home’s furnace does still consumer natural gas, propane or whatever heating fuel you use, even in the summer. It also continues to consume electricity, powering valves and sensors 24/7.

Even when not in use, your heating system’s pilot light is still burning gas, staying lit at all times. The pilot light in a furnace or fireplace consumes 600 – 900 BTUs. A gas furnace also has electronic valves and a thermocouple that consume electricity, even when the unit is not in use. Turning off the gas and electricity to your furnace during the summer months can save up to $25 / year.

Using Central Air Conditioning? Keep Electric On

If you are using air conditioning in the home during the summer months, you will not be able to turn off the electricity to your furnace. The air blower is used by the AC unit to blow cold air throughout the home.

In the case of this Litchfield homeowner, his home was equipped with central air conditioning. While he did have to keep the electricity going to the furnace, turning off the pilot light will save him money all summer long.

Air Conditioner Unit’s Fan

Air Conditioner Unit’s Fan is Spinning, But the Home Isn’t Cooling in Hudson, NH

With the recent heat wave in New England, many homeowners are switching on their air conditioning units. Hopefully the house begins cooling without a problem. However, for one homeowner in Hudson this wasn’t to be. The unit was turning on and a visual inspection of the outdoor system showed that the fan was running, but the house wasn’t cooling down.

Multi-Zone Heating And Cooling System Thermostat - Joyce Cooling and Heating, Nashua, NH

A Pelham, NH Homeowner Learns the “Rules” for Zone Control

One common complaint we hear from homeowners is in regard to their home’s comfort level, with an uneven temperature throughout the home. This often leads to a discussion about zone control. A homeowner in Pelham, NH recently had this complaint and asked about the “rules” for zone control in his home. While there may not necessarily be any “rules” there are some general guidelines that can help when considering your home’s zone control.

Indoor Air Quality - Joyce Cooling and Heating

How Air Conditioning Saved an Allergy Sufferer in Milford, NH

Spring is finally in the air and many homeowners all over the state are gladly flinging open their doors and windows to let the fresh air in. In the past one homeowner in Milford, NH always found this time of year insufferable. His allergies would make him miserable, even being indoors at home was unbearable. The home either felt stuffy with the door and windows sealed, or he was welcoming the springtime pollen in through the windows.