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Central Air Conditioning vs. Window Units

Finding Your Comfort Level

We recently received a call from an overheated homeowner in Nashua, NH. There were six window air conditioning units in the home, running full time to cool the bedroom and downstairs living area. Of course, the temperature was all over the place due to the lack of a thermostat and this family would constantly find themselves turning individual air conditioners off and on to control the comfort level of a room. As you can imagine, with six window units this had gotten frustrating.

Lowering the Cost to Cool Your Home This Summer

Lowering the Cost to Cool Your Home This Summer

The temperatures are on the rise, and with July and August fast approaching your home’s air conditioning will no doubt be working at full capacity. At Joyce Cooling & Heating we are already receiving many air conditioning maintenance calls in the Nashua area.

An air conditioner that is not working efficiently will cost the homeowner even more to cool the home. Many homeowners already cringe this time of year when they see the cost of pumping all of that cool air into their home. However, there are some simple steps that you can take to make your unit more energy efficient and save money.

Air Conditioner Joyce Cooling and Heating Nashua, NH

Air Conditioner Not Running? Common Troubleshooting Tips

There is little worse than firing up your air conditioning on a hot summer day here in New Hampshire only to find that the system is not working properly. In many cases you can hear that the unit is on, but it is not cooling the home effectively. While we recommend testing out your air conditioning before the temperatures begin to soar, all is not lost. If your system is not cooling to capacity, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can do at home yourself to try to identify and correct the problem.

Hydrometer-Joyce Cooling and Heating Nashua NH

Humidity level in your home does matter… a lot!

Many homeowners in and around Nashua, NH rarely give any thought to the humidity levels in their home. However, controlling these levels will ultimately give you more control over the heating and cooling processes in your home. Your home’s ideal humidity level will vary based on the season and the temperature outdoors. A good rule of thumb is to strive for humidity levels between 30 to 50 percent.

Allergies-Could Be Your Indoor Air Quality-Joyce Cooling and Heating Nashua NH

Allergies? It Could Be Your Indoor Air Quality

This time of year people in New Hampshire afflicted with allergies seem to be everywhere. From runny noses and itchy eyes to a chronic cough, if you or your loved one is affected by allergies you would probably do just about anything to get rid of them. One factor that is probably exacerbating your allergies that you may not have considered is your home’s indoor air quality.

Multi-Zone Heating And Cooling System Thermostat - Joyce Cooling and Heating, Nashua, NH

Multi-Zone Heating and Cooling System

How Zones Affect Your Comfort Level

Many of the homes built in and around Nashua, NH the last fifteen to twenty years were designed with only one zone for the entire home’s heating and cooling needs, regardless of size. This typically leaves the homeowners with a house that has a very fluctuant temperature throughout. From a sweltering upstairs in the summer and too chilly bedrooms in the winter, the number of zones in your home can directly affect your family’s comfort level.

Why is The Price of R-22 Refrigerant So High?

The refrigerant known as R-22 has been the choice for residential and commercial air-conditioning systems for more than five decades. As the manufacture of R-22 is phased out over the coming years, manufacturers of residential air conditioning systems are offering equipment that uses ozone-friendly refrigerants.

Everyday Low Prices

Every week you see ads running in the local paper touting a great deal on furnace and air conditioning tune-ups. These ads will claim “spectacular” specials, regularly priced at $250 or more for a one-time special price of $99. These numbers are meant to sensationalize bargain hunters, when in fact the “regular” price is inflated to make the sale price seem like even more of a bargain.