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Nashua Homeowner Recognizes the Inefficiencies of Electric Heat

Electric is one of the least efficient methods for heating a home. With most baseboards placed against the outside walls you are constantly combatting the cold outdoor temperatures and heat loss. Baseboard heaters are also often inhibited by curtains and carpeting, cutting off the circulation of warm air throughout the room. If the alternative of placing baseboard heating on an interior wall were done, this would result in a room with heavy drafts from the window.


Done with Air Conditioning for the Season? Milford Family Learns to Turn It Off

Many homeowners just assume that turning off their air conditioning unit for the fall and winter is as simple as waiting for the weather to cool down and nothing more. However, late last fall a Milford, NH family was stunned to hear their air conditioning kick in on a cool, crisp day. The culprit was none other than the kitchen stove and family room fireplace warming the area to a temperature that their air conditioner thought was uncomfortable.


Being Proactive, Litchfield Family, Tests their Home’s Furnace

The temperatures in New England may still feel like summer, but make no mistake fall and heating season are right around the corner. We always encourage customers to test their heating unit before they need it to ensure that everything is running properly. A family in Litchfield, NH heeded this advice and were happy that they did.

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Air Conditioner’s Short Cycles Cost Amherst, NH Homeowner

Short cycling, when your home’s air conditioning unit turns on and off in short bursts, is one of the top energy wasters as a family in Amherst recently discovered. In comparing electric bills with a neighbor, this homeowner discovered that he was paying more than double and the culprit seemed to be the home’s air conditioning unit.


Ice Forming on Air Conditioner

Pepperell Homeowner is Mystified

A homeowner in Pepperell, MA contacted us. He was baffled by a build-up of ice on his air conditioner’s outdoor unit. It may seem crazy for ice to be building up when the weather outside is 90+ degrees, however ice on your air conditioner’s unit is indicative of a common problem.


Hollis Homeowner Concerned About Mold, Finds a Solution in Whole House Dehumidifier

Proper moisture levels are critical to the comfort of your home, not to mention the ability to limit mold and mildew growth through controlled moisture levels. A homeowner in Hollis, NH recently contacted us. He was concerned about mold growth in his home. A stand-alone dehumidifier wasn’t doing the trick and he was looking for a long-term solution.