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Heating and Air Conditioning All in the Same Week? Welcome to New England

This month has been a whirlwind as far as the weather, with the fickle New England temperatures going from summer-like to a late-fall feel overnight, and back again. At Joyce Cooling & Heating, this has kept our technicians on our toes as they have answered service calls in Nashua, Hollis, and the surrounding communities. It isn’t many places where you can be servicing an air conditioning system and a heating unit all in the same week.

In the world of heating and air conditioning we often encourage our customers to think a season ahead, and for good reason. However, with this type of fickle weather it is hard to plan ahead, making it important to have your heating and air conditioning units both in proper working order at any given time.

Scheduling regular maintenance check-ups on your systems at the start of each season will do just that. Technicians can ensure that the heating or air conditioning unit is running efficiently and head off any problems before they can become bigger.

This type of simple, preventative maintenance will keep your home and your family comfortable, no matter what the weather outside has to offer. After all, despite what the calendar may say, your home should be the temperature that is comfortable to you. Regular maintenance on your air conditioning and heating systems will do just that.

Preventative Maintenance Request for appointments can be made online by clicking here or through our office at (603)889-1991 Monday through Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM

wi-fi thermostats

Adjusting Your Home’s Temperature Remotely Is within Your Grasp

Years ago the idea of adjusting your home’s temperature remotely may have felt like something out of the future, but this is becoming more and more commonplace. Homeowners are transitioning away from the more archaic traditional thermostat in favor of a programmable version. The next step up from there, and a direction in which the market is headed, is wi-fi thermostats.

Lennox SLP98

A Crash Course in Heating System Manufacturers

Just like the company that you hire to install your heating system, not all manufacturers are created equal. A quality heating system manufacturer not only makes products that work and have an extended longevity, but they also stand by their products. This means in on the off-chance that a system has a problem, the manufacturer will correct the problem at no cost to the homeowner.

Does Adjusting the Thermostat Up and Down Really Save You Money?

Many homeowners will adjust their home’s thermostat when they aren’t home, reducing air conditioning or heating as necessary, in a hope of saving money. A homeowner in Nashua recently shared with us his belief that the energy for the system to regain the desired temperature uses up any energy, and financial, savings. So what is the truth?

Who Are You Letting in Your Home?

Let’s be honest, unfortunately there are plenty of unsavory contractors out there. Some show up in your driveway in an unmarked van wearing jeans and a generic t-shirt. Many homeowners have probably experienced that hesitation, not quite sure if it was a good idea to let them into their home. And who can blame you? Your home is your biggest asset, holding all of your belongings, and most importantly your family.

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Central Air Conditioning vs. Window Units

Finding Your Comfort Level

We recently received a call from an overheated homeowner in Nashua, NH. There were six window air conditioning units in the home, running full time to cool the bedroom and downstairs living area. Of course, the temperature was all over the place due to the lack of a thermostat and this family would constantly find themselves turning individual air conditioners off and on to control the comfort level of a room. As you can imagine, with six window units this had gotten frustrating.