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How Can a Ceiling Fan Heat a Home in the Winter?

Bedford Homeowner in Baffled

Ceiling fans are effective in the winter to distribute the air, and subsequent heat, in a room. The ceiling fan’s blades need to change direction, moving clockwise. Many fans have a switch that allows you to make this change. Traveling clockwise, the blades push the warmer air in the room down, making it feel more comfortable even at a lower thermostat setting.
A Bedford homeowner was looking for more cost-effective ways to heat his home this winter. When we suggested he use his living room’s ceiling fan he was blown away.

Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Your Home

How to Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Your Home

To prevent your home’s pipes from freezing and cracking during the winter, drain excess water from outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. You should also disconnect any outdoor hoses, covering the faucets with insulators. Pipes traveling through unheated areas such as the garage, basement or attic should be insulated. To avoid ice dams, clean out gutters and keep your roof clear with a roof rake, removing the excess weight that accumulating snow can cause.

Hot Water Pipe Insulation

How to Insulate Hot Water Pipes, Litchfield Family Learns

To insulate your home’s hot water pipes, you can find neoprene and polyethylene sleeves at most home improvement stores. Use an acrylic black tape, tie wire or zip tie to secure the insulation sleeve in place around the pipe. For gas water heaters, standard insulation is flammable and should be kept at least six feet from the flue, instead using wire to secure the insulation in place.


What to Look for When Choosing an HVAC Company, Tyngsboro, MA Homeowner Asks

Things to consider when choosing an HVAC company include the company’s experience and that they have the proper licensing to be doing the work, references, online reviews, and their reputation in the community.

A family in Tyngsboro was looking to replace their home’s furnace. With their existing unit still running, they were able to shop around to find a reputable and trustworthy company.


Amherst, NH Homeowner Wonders What to Expect from Heating Installation

Replacing a furnace is a big job that can take several hours. Technicians will need easy access to the area and a clear space to work. This may also involve the installation of a new thermostat, depending on the age and model of the existing furnace.

A homeowner in Amherst, NH recently contacted us with questions about her upcoming furnace replacement. She was concerned about what to expect throughout the installation process.