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Keeping Your House Warm - Joyce Heating & Cooling

How to Keep Your House Warm During a Power Outage

For many homeowners in New England, at some point during the winter it is inevitable that the power will go out. After experiencing a particularly long power outage during a cold snap, a customer in Bedford, NH asked what he should be doing to keep his home warm when the power is out. His chief concern was to keep the home’s pipes from freezing and also the comfort of his family.

Indoor Air Quality - Joyce Cooling and Heating

Winter Allergies in Amherst, NH? Check Your Indoor Air Quality

Over the holidays one of our technicians was having dinner with his family in Amherst, NH. One of his family members had a box of tissues handy and was constantly sneezing and blowing her nose. However, she expressed to everyone that it was nothing contagious but just “seasonal allergies”. With the below zero weather recently hitting the area, not many people are spending extended periods of time outdoors. This led the Joyce Cooling & Heating employee to immediately suspect that his relative’s allergies were caused by poor indoor air quality.

Pilot Light Going Out on Merrimack Homeowner

Pilot Light Going Out on Merrimack Homeowner

Most homeowners know that there is a pilot light on their furnace and that if it goes out, this is a bad thing. A homeowner in Merrimack, NH complained about repeatedly having to relight the pilot light on his furnace several times over the course of a week. The pilot light is a small, continuous flame used to ignite older gas furnaces.

wi-fi thermostats

Brookline Homeowner – If Your Heat is Not Working, for Fast Turnaround Call Directly

With the recent cold snap, our phones have been ringing and our technicians have been going non-stop to get our customers’ heat working again. We had a homeowner in Brookline, NH call us in a panic earlier this month. Her heat had been out for two days and the temperature in the home was plummeting quickly.

Home Properly Insulated to Save on Heating Costs

Windham, NH customer recently complained about the high costs to heat her home

Ensure that Your Home is Properly Insulated to Save on Heating Costs

A customer in Windham, NH recently complained about the high costs to heat her home. After a visit to the home we were able to deduce that a significant amount of her home’s heat was being lost through a poorly insulated attic. Proper insulation can go a long way to ensuring that the heat stays in the home where you want it, making it more energy-efficient and saving you money.


Turning Down the Thermostat at Night

In Hollis, NH a homeowner called looking for solutions to lower her heating bills.

It is that time of year again in New England, when the heating system seems to be running 24/7. She was cringing as the sound of the heater to her meant her hard-earned dollars disappearing. Heating bills during the coldest months can add up, leaving many homeowners looking for ways to save. One option is adjusting the thermostat, particularly overnight, when the family is tucked snugly into bed.


Making Sense of a Heating Unit’s Efficiency Rating

A Hudson, NH homeowner was in the market for a new heating system.

He recently asked about the varying efficiency ratings for the different units. In short, this efficiency rating will have a direct impact on how much it will cost you to heat your home. The higher the efficiency rating, the more heat is provided for the same amount of energy.