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What to Do When Your Furnace Can’t Keep Up with the Thermostat

Blocked ducts, from years of dirt and debris, can prevent the warm air from getting into the home.  This restricted air flow means that your heating system has to work even harder, and often cannot maintain the set temperature when the weather outside is especially cold.

The recent frigid temperatures had really put a Hudson homeowner’s heating system to the test.  Despite his thermostat setting, the home was 2-3 degrees cooler than the set temperature, yet the unit seemed to be working overtime just to maintain this deficit.

Regular Maintenance Can Prevent Blocked Ducts

Over the years, dust and dirt can collect in your home’s ductwork.  Without regular maintenance to clean these ducts, this can restrict the air flow over time significantly enough to affect the performance of your home’s heating system. 

If you suspect that blocked ducts may be the problem, perform a visual check to ensure that there is nothing obvious blocking the air flow.  You can remove anything that is immediately at the vent, but hire a professional for cleaning any further in the duct.

It May Be Time to Replace Your Unit

On other occasions the heating system may simply not be able to keep up.  This can be the case if it is an older unit in need of replacement.  Using more energy to heat the home is a good sign that something is wrong and you should schedule a professional to take a look at your system.

In the case of the Hudson homeowner, a technician was able to perform some routine maintenance on the unit, cleaning the blocked ducts and eliminating that restricted airflow.  Scheduling regular maintenance on the system will prevent this in the future and this homeowner can now enjoy a warm home all winter long.


What is the Most Economical Way to Heat a Sunroom?

A ductless mini-split mounted on the wall can efficiently add heat and air conditioning to a room.  Ideal for areas of the home where there is no ductwork, this is a much safer option than a space heater and can be left on when unattended keeping the room warm.

A homeowner in Bedford contacted us looking for an option to make her sunroom usable all year round, particularly during the cold New England winter.  We suggested a ductless mini-split in her sunroom.

Turn Your 3-Season Room Into a 4-Season Room

Mounted on the wall of a sunroom, a ductless mini-split can be very efficient at keeping the room warm and usable during the winter months.  It can also keep the room cool on those very hot days with its air conditioning setting.  A ductless unit can heat and cool a large area, or a small home.  It is best used for supplementing additional heat and air conditioning or adding heating and cooling options to a room that does not have ductwork.

Most sunrooms do not have existing ductwork.  It can be costly to put this in, connecting it to the home’s HVAC system.  A ductless mini-split is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to use this space during the winter months. 

Installing a Ductless Mini-Split

The ductless system mounts high on the wall in the sunroom and an outdoor air compressor is located outside of the home.  The installation process is relatively non-invasive, particularly when considering what adding ductwork to the sunroom would entail.

The homeowner in Bedford opted to install a ductless unit in her sunroom and is comfortably enjoying the winter and this extra space in her home.

Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Your Home

How to Prevent Ice and Snow Damage to Your Home

To prevent your home’s pipes from freezing and cracking during the winter, drain excess water from outdoor faucets and sprinkler systems. You should also disconnect any outdoor hoses, covering the faucets with insulators. Pipes traveling through unheated areas such as the garage, basement or attic should be insulated. To avoid ice dams, clean out gutters and keep your roof clear with a roof rake, removing the excess weight that accumulating snow can cause.


Amherst, NH Homeowner Wonders What to Expect from Heating Installation

Replacing a furnace is a big job that can take several hours. Technicians will need easy access to the area and a clear space to work. This may also involve the installation of a new thermostat, depending on the age and model of the existing furnace.

A homeowner in Amherst, NH recently contacted us with questions about her upcoming furnace replacement. She was concerned about what to expect throughout the installation process.

joyce cooling and heating service

Milford, NH Homeowner Spot the Signs a Heating System Needs Service

There are some common signs to watch for that are clear indicators your heating system needs service, including hot or cold areas throughout the home, high energy consumption, unusual sounds and the age of the unit.

A homeowner in Milford noticed that her heating system was behaving in an unusual way. With winter fast approaching, he wanted to have the unit serviced before the frigid cold set in.

Tax Credits

Brookline, NH Homeowner Takes Advantage of Furnace Energy Tax Credits

There are federal tax credits available for Energy Star gas furnaces. The tax credit for qualifying furnaces is $150, with an additional $50 for advanced main circulating fan. There is also a tax credit of 10% on other qualified energy efficient upgrades.
A homeowner in Brookline, NH was looking to upgrade his heating system to a more energy efficient unit. He quickly learned about the tax credits that could be available to him through this type of upgrade.