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Milford, NH Homeowner Spot the Signs a Heating System Needs Service

There are some common signs to watch for that are clear indicators your heating system needs service, including hot or cold areas throughout the home, high energy consumption, unusual sounds and the age of the unit.

A homeowner in Milford noticed that her heating system was behaving in an unusual way. With winter fast approaching, he wanted to have the unit serviced before the frigid cold set in.


Being Proactive, Litchfield Family, Tests their Home’s Furnace

The temperatures in New England may still feel like summer, but make no mistake fall and heating season are right around the corner. We always encourage customers to test their heating unit before they need it to ensure that everything is running properly. A family in Litchfield, NH heeded this advice and were happy that they did.


Ice Forming on Air Conditioner

Pepperell Homeowner is Mystified

A homeowner in Pepperell, MA contacted us. He was baffled by a build-up of ice on his air conditioner’s outdoor unit. It may seem crazy for ice to be building up when the weather outside is 90+ degrees, however ice on your air conditioner’s unit is indicative of a common problem.

Indoor Air Quality - Joyce Cooling and Heating

Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality

Pelham, NH Family Seeks Suggestions

The hazy days of summer are upon us. Many homeowners look to their home to escape the stifling heat and humidity outdoors, but for homes with a poor indoor air quality this can be anything but. A family in Pelham recently contacted us looking for some simple, inexpensive solutions for improving their home’s indoor air quality.

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Brookline, NH Homeowner Seeks Tips for More Energy Efficient AC

It is certainly the time of year when those homeowners that have a central air conditioning unit in their home have it working overtime. Unfortunately, this comfort does come at a cost, in the form of increased electric bills. A Brookline homeowner who was sticker shocked by her electric bill recently contacted us looking for ways to make her central air conditioning unit more energy efficient.


Brookline, NH Homeowner Find His Home’s Thermostat Needs Recalibrating

Convinced that his thermostat needed replacement, we recently received a call from a homeowner in Brookline. There are actually many scenarios that can affect your thermostat’s ability to provide an accurate reading, including dirt, accidental bumping or an abnormally high humidity level. This can lead to the thermostat reading a temperature that is actually several degrees off.

Pilot Light Going Out on Merrimack Homeowner

Pilot Light Going Out on Merrimack Homeowner

Most homeowners know that there is a pilot light on their furnace and that if it goes out, this is a bad thing. A homeowner in Merrimack, NH complained about repeatedly having to relight the pilot light on his furnace several times over the course of a week. The pilot light is a small, continuous flame used to ignite older gas furnaces.

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Brookline Homeowner – If Your Heat is Not Working, for Fast Turnaround Call Directly

With the recent cold snap, our phones have been ringing and our technicians have been going non-stop to get our customers’ heat working again. We had a homeowner in Brookline, NH call us in a panic earlier this month. Her heat had been out for two days and the temperature in the home was plummeting quickly.