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Indoor Air Quality - Joyce Cooling and Heating

Easy Ways to Improve Air Quality

Pelham, NH Family Seeks Suggestions

The hazy days of summer are upon us. Many homeowners look to their home to escape the stifling heat and humidity outdoors, but for homes with a poor indoor air quality this can be anything but. A family in Pelham recently contacted us looking for some simple, inexpensive solutions for improving their home’s indoor air quality.

Air Conditioner Hudson,NH-Joyce Cooling Heating

Brookline, NH Homeowner Seeks Tips for More Energy Efficient AC

It is certainly the time of year when those homeowners that have a central air conditioning unit in their home have it working overtime. Unfortunately, this comfort does come at a cost, in the form of increased electric bills. A Brookline homeowner who was sticker shocked by her electric bill recently contacted us looking for ways to make her central air conditioning unit more energy efficient.

PureAir Air Purification system

An Air Purification System Can Help Homeowners with Breathing Problems

Those with asthma and other respiratory problems often find spring to be a difficult time of year. While there isn’t much that can be done about the outdoors, ensuring that your home’s indoor air quality is free of dust, pollen and other contaminants can go a long way to making things more comfortable at home.

Homeowner in Litchfield, NH Finds Improved Air Quality Significantly Eases His Allergies

A Litchfield, NH homeowner was struggling with the onset of springtime allergies. To his dismay, staying at home indoors for days at a time was not easing the symptoms. The problem lay in his home’s poor indoor air quality. The older heating and cooling system was in need of replacement, making this a great time to address the contaminants in the air such as dust and pollen and recirculating them throughout the home.

Joyce Cooling & Heating installed a new unit, including the PureAir Air Purification system in this customer’s home. The PureAir system is engineered to remove all contaminants from the air, because it is attached to the whole house system it is more effective than traditional air cleaners.

A short time after the new unit and air purification system was installed, this Litchfield homeowner began to feel relief from his debilitating allergies, breathing easier when at home. As an added benefit, the system not only improved the indoor air quality by leaps and bounds, but it also helped to improve the efficiency of the home’s HVAC system.

An air purification system like PureAir is ideal for homeowners purchasing a new unit that suffer from the effects of poor indoor air quality, which include dizziness, headaches, and exacerbated allergies and asthma symptoms.


How Pet Ownership Affects Your Home’s Heating and Cooling System

From our clothing to the furniture and rugs, many pet owners are struggling this time of year with shedding. It can seem like hair is everywhere, and a never-ending battle in your home. But it may surprise you to know that your pet’s shedding can also have an effect on your home’s HVAC system.

Milford, NH Homeowner Struggles with Dirty Air Filter

A customer in Milford, NH recently called our office. He was convinced that there was a problem with his HVAC system. He was diligently changing his filter at regular intervals, but the dirt and build-up was leaving a grimy mess. The homeowner tried reducing the time in between filter changes, but continued to see the same results.

A quick visit to the home and our technician immediately identified the source. The homeowner had two large dogs. The pet hair and dander in the air were the source of what was causing the air filter to collect buildup over such a short span of time.

While it can be frustrating, homeowners with shedding pets often need to change their air filter more frequently. Leaving the air filter dirty can reduce your system’s efficiency, raising energy costs and can ultimately cause damage to the unit.

Reduce Pet’s Hair to Alleviate Its Effect on the HVAC System

The advice we gave this Milford homeowner was to try to control the hair and dander at the source, on his dogs. Regularly brushing them outdoors will cut down on the amount of pet debris circulating through the home. It is also key to remove the hair from the furniture, floors and bedding regularly. This will help to keep the hair and dander from your pets from affecting your heating and cooling system

Indoor Air Quality - Joyce Cooling and Heating

Not All Air Filters are Created Equal

A customer in Milford, NH recently called with a question about his home’s air filter. Trying to be a responsible homeowner, he was changing his filter every three months. However each time he went to check it the air filter was still clean, looking as good as new. After about a year of this he knew that there must be something else going on.

How Your Home’s Air Filter Works

To heat or cool a home your system will pull air from a room over coils that will heat or cool the air, then releasing it back into the home through the vents. Dirt and dust that gets sucked in through the air is trapped by the air filter, preventing the dirt from reaching the coils. Clogged, dirty coils cannot efficiently heat or cool the air as it passes over them, making an air filter’s job particularly important. But not all air filters are created equal.

Knowing Your Air Filter’s MERV Rating

The MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) rating is a measure of the percentage of particles, based on their size, which the filter will remove from the air that passes through. Inexpensive 1” thick disposable air filters have a low MERV rating, generally between 1 and 4. The particle catching efficiency is lower on these air filters, allowing much of the smaller dust and debris to travel through. Pleated air filters made of fiberglass or natural fiber strands can capture more particles than a flat surface, with a MERV rating of 8 or higher.

With our suggestion, this Milford homeowner made the switch to a pleated air filter. With regular changes every three months he can now see that the new air filter is doing its job, capturing the dirt and dust before it can pass through to the unit’s coils.

Indoor Air Quality - Joyce Cooling and Heating

Winter Allergies in Amherst, NH? Check Your Indoor Air Quality

Over the holidays one of our technicians was having dinner with his family in Amherst, NH. One of his family members had a box of tissues handy and was constantly sneezing and blowing her nose. However, she expressed to everyone that it was nothing contagious but just “seasonal allergies”. With the below zero weather recently hitting the area, not many people are spending extended periods of time outdoors. This led the Joyce Cooling & Heating employee to immediately suspect that his relative’s allergies were caused by poor indoor air quality.

Allergies-Could Be Your Indoor Air Quality-Joyce Cooling and Heating Nashua NH

Allergies? It Could Be Your Indoor Air Quality

This time of year people in New Hampshire afflicted with allergies seem to be everywhere. From runny noses and itchy eyes to a chronic cough, if you or your loved one is affected by allergies you would probably do just about anything to get rid of them. One factor that is probably exacerbating your allergies that you may not have considered is your home’s indoor air quality.

Complete Westford, MA Heating and Cooling System Overhaul

This is an example of adding a “Comfort System” to a home

It was an interesting call when Mark explained he had a furnace with a cracked heat exchanger and wanted to update the entire system. He was lucky that his home in Westford, Massachusetts was set up for zoning-but the system he had never worked correctly. He contacted a couple of companies but no one would give him what he wanted. He got our name from Angie’s list, and after reviewing our company and the brands of products we offer, he gave us a call. We met with him and he knew exactly what he wanted. He seemed shocked that everything he wanted was something we install every day. It was fortunate that it was in the middle of summer, so the heat was not necessary.