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Amherst, NH Homeowner Wonders What to Expect from Heating Installation

Replacing a furnace is a big job that can take several hours. Technicians will need easy access to the area and a clear space to work. This may also involve the installation of a new thermostat, depending on the age and model of the existing furnace.

A homeowner in Amherst, NH recently contacted us with questions about her upcoming furnace replacement. She was concerned about what to expect throughout the installation process.

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Milford, NH Homeowner Spot the Signs a Heating System Needs Service

There are some common signs to watch for that are clear indicators your heating system needs service, including hot or cold areas throughout the home, high energy consumption, unusual sounds and the age of the unit.

A homeowner in Milford noticed that her heating system was behaving in an unusual way. With winter fast approaching, he wanted to have the unit serviced before the frigid cold set in.

Tax Credits

Brookline, NH Homeowner Takes Advantage of Furnace Energy Tax Credits

There are federal tax credits available for Energy Star gas furnaces. The tax credit for qualifying furnaces is $150, with an additional $50 for advanced main circulating fan. There is also a tax credit of 10% on other qualified energy efficient upgrades.
A homeowner in Brookline, NH was looking to upgrade his heating system to a more energy efficient unit. He quickly learned about the tax credits that could be available to him through this type of upgrade.

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Nashua Homeowner Recognizes the Inefficiencies of Electric Heat

Electric is one of the least efficient methods for heating a home. With most baseboards placed against the outside walls you are constantly combatting the cold outdoor temperatures and heat loss. Baseboard heaters are also often inhibited by curtains and carpeting, cutting off the circulation of warm air throughout the room. If the alternative of placing baseboard heating on an interior wall were done, this would result in a room with heavy drafts from the window.

Air Conditioner Joyce Cooling and Heating Nashua, NH

Air Conditioner’s Short Cycles Cost Amherst, NH Homeowner

Short cycling, when your home’s air conditioning unit turns on and off in short bursts, is one of the top energy wasters as a family in Amherst recently discovered. In comparing electric bills with a neighbor, this homeowner discovered that he was paying more than double and the culprit seemed to be the home’s air conditioning unit.

How Do I Prep My Heating System for the Summer, Litchfield, NH Homeowner Asks

It seems like the cold months are finally past, which means that at last your home’s heating unit that has worked hard all winter can take a break. A homeowner in Litchfield recently contacted us inquiring about what he should do for his heating system before it lies dormant through the summer.

Turn Off Your Furnace During the Summer to Save on Heating Costs

After seeing the high heating bills over the coldest New England months, it can be tempting to simply “flip a switch”, taking a break from this during the summer. It may surprise you to know that your home’s furnace does still consumer natural gas, propane or whatever heating fuel you use, even in the summer. It also continues to consume electricity, powering valves and sensors 24/7.

Even when not in use, your heating system’s pilot light is still burning gas, staying lit at all times. The pilot light in a furnace or fireplace consumes 600 – 900 BTUs. A gas furnace also has electronic valves and a thermocouple that consume electricity, even when the unit is not in use. Turning off the gas and electricity to your furnace during the summer months can save up to $25 / year.

Using Central Air Conditioning? Keep Electric On

If you are using air conditioning in the home during the summer months, you will not be able to turn off the electricity to your furnace. The air blower is used by the AC unit to blow cold air throughout the home.

In the case of this Litchfield homeowner, his home was equipped with central air conditioning. While he did have to keep the electricity going to the furnace, turning off the pilot light will save him money all summer long.


Will a Zone Control System Save You Money?

When you think of zone control in your home’s heating and cooling system, your main focus is probably on the comfort level of you and your family. This is one of the main reasons why homeowners installing a new system often choose to include multi-zones throughout their home. A zone control system can also save you significant money and energy, by controlling the temperature throughout your home as needed.

Homeowner in Merrimack, NH Finds Comfort and Savings with Zone Control System

A homeowner in Merrimack, NH recently contacted us about her large home’s heating system, which was an older unit and in need of replacement. Her old system has been installed with only one zone, and for years she had struggled with inconsistent heating throughout the home. She would walk from room to room and could feel a marked difference in the temperature. Yet, the heating system was working hard to try to maintain a steady temperature.

The solution? When installing a new system, we included a zone control system for the home. Multiple zones allow the homeowner to control the temperature to specific areas. Those rooms where she spends less time during the day, she can now lower the temperature, saving on heat. At night she can lower the temperature a few degrees throughout all zones with the exception of her bedroom.

With the new unit and its zone control installed, this Merrimack homeowner has not only improved her comfort level at home, but she has also seen significant savings on her heating bills. This customer is now convinced that a zone control system is well worth the cost in comfort alone, and the savings on her heating bill is just icing on the cake.